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BarGenius at your event or party?

An eye-catcher at your next event or party? Our automatic cocktail bar or robot cocktail bar. We bet that your wedding, birthday party or event is the talk of town.

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How does the system work?

During the event we provide you with a preselected cocktail list on a few tablets. With these, drinks can be personalized and ordered. After pressing the order button, the drinks are mixed in a matter of seconds.

Where is the difference between the automatic cocktail bar and robot cocktail bar?

If you choose the automatic cocktail bar, the drinks are served by our own bartenders and women but are still made by our system. Our crew provides the finishing touch by serving the cocktails in the appropriate cocktail glass. Count on a capacity of a maximum of 200 to 250 drinks per hour.

If you choose the robot bar, the robot is responsible for shaking and presenting the cocktail. The end user can still decorate if necessary. This bar is mainly used as an eye catcher because the number of drinks is limited to 70 per hour. Need more drinks? Combining this system with a bartender is perfectly possible! That way you can still serve up to 125 drinks per hour.



between 3 and 10 (minimum order of 100 cocktails per evening)

Automatic cocktail bar

fixed daily price of €300 (excluding the cocktails).

Automatic robot cocktail bar

fixed daily price of €850 (excluding the cocktails).

Useful information

Staff: included. Requirements (glasses, ice, fruit): included.

Possible basic decoration included.

Further decoration at a small additional cost.

BarGenius App

Create your own cocktails or have customers order by themselves? Use the BarGenius App! With this app you control your system always and everywhere. More info

Bovendien voeg je ook je eigen siropen, infused flavours en speciale likeuren snel en makkelijk toe. Ons slim systeem zorgt dat de druppelnauwkeurigheid behouden blijft. Met de eenvoudige assistent is het samenstellen van je eigen cocktail kinderspel. Klanten laten bestellen? Met ons geëntegreerde bestel- en wachtrijsysteem kan je de drukste avonden aan. Elk order wordt uniek weergegeven, waardoor meerdere BarGenius apps simultaan kunnen draaien. Help je klanten snel en vlot verder!

Genius Cloud

You maintain an overview of your dispenser in the cloud 24/7. This way you get real-time insights into orders, recipes and sales. From a distance you can keep an eye on things using a tablet or smartphone. Want to stay informed about the latest cocktail trends and recipes? Perfectly possible! *

Genius Reports

Big Data and AI provide detailed reports on orders, the amount of liquids, your configuration and so on. Even better, you also get insights into the latest new cocktail trends. All reports can be configured to your needs. (*) For the extensive functionality you need a Genius Subscription.