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Automatic Cocktail Dispenser

BarGenius is a revolutionary cocktail dispenser which is able to create any cocktail within seconds! The cocktail recipes are perfectly dosed by milliliter which avoids wastage and overdosage.

Its reliability and efficiency make every cocktail equal and balanced in taste. BarGenius can hold up to 16 ingredient slots, which can be expanded to 128 ingredient slots per module.

Due to its easy-to-use platform beverage and cocktail recipe management was never been this easy!

Web-based Driven Database

By synchronizing all BarGenius modules to a web-based database, business owners are able to remotely monitor and configure their machines. Each machines’ activity and ingredient levels can be monitored from anywhere, with any kind of device.

An easy-to-use web-based wizard aids these business owners with generating reports on the fly.

Updates to the database are pushed to any kind of device automatically. No need to download application updates or hassle your users.

Mobile Device Integration

Ordering made easy! By using the BarGenius cross-platform cocktail app, customers can create orders and tweak them to their special needs. For default orders, no internet connection is needed! Different payment options are available but are not mandatory.

The BarGenius app offers customer interaction by integration with the known social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, …). A customer can choose to create their own profile and link it to the these apps. After linking their profile, they can create their own cocktails based on the current setup of the connected BarGenius module. A customer can share his creations, favorite cocktails, order history, likes with his friends and even buy them a drink when they are not physically together!

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